Ruca Malen's dream began in 1998 when Jean Pierre Thibaud and Jacques Louis de Montalembert confessed to each other the desire to build their own winery in Mendoza. Back then, Jean Pierre was leaving the presidency of Chandon Winery Argentina after 10 years, whilst Jacques Louis had acquired a solid knowledge of winemaking in the Bourgogne region.

Since its first harvest in 1999, Ruca Malen aims to achieve the highest quality in wines, focusing on style, elegance and distinction.



Ruca Malen, a Journey to the Heart of a Legend

According to an ancient local legend, love between Gods and mortals was forbidden. Therefore, Mapuche women always walked looking down, fearing to meet the piercing gaze of a beautiful God. But one day, a Mapuche woman, the most daring of them all, raised her head, and when she met the eyes of the God she instantly fell in love. The God, touched by her love, offered her an elixir to join the eternal beings. In return she gave him a home, "the young girl's house", so that they could create together a new lineage of legendary Gods. You may not believe in legends, but when you taste Ruca Malen you will admit that there might be a kernel of truth in this one.


Thanks to the expertise, savoir faire and professionalism of our winemakers we obtain elegant, top-quality wines with a unique style. Our team is led by Pablo Cuneo, a winemaker with a long, brilliant career. He contributes his knowledge and shares the same passion that inspires all of us who work at Ruca Malen.


Winery’s Restaurant:

Since 2004 our goal is to offer the best pairings for our wines, while also developing the identity of local products like Lunlunta's superb olive oil or its outstanding beef. Following this philosophy, all the ingredients used in our kitchen are produced in Mendoza. Moreover, our head chef Lucas Bustos grows vegetables and aromatic herbs in our garden and changes the menu according to what the land offers each season. Ruca Malen was one of the wineries that pioneered the concept of tasting menu. Nowadays, we are known as one of the most successful winery restaurants in Argentina.

Touristic Activities:

We offer guided tours that include a picnic, lunch or tapas in our garden. We also offer simple tastings, games with blends and vertical tastings. We have tour guides that speak English, French and Portuguese perfectly. We are committed to making Ruca Malen Winery your best memory of your stay in Mendoza.




Tourism and Restaurant
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